Here’s a story to upset the applecart on redistricting. It turns out that it was ambitious Democrat-sharpies from San Antonio who worked the redistricting committee to move Hispanic Democrat neighborhoods in San Antonio out of Republican Congressman Canseco’s district and into Democrat Lloyd Doggett’s TX35 district. Why? So that young sharpie state rep. Joaquin Castro could shift the Doggett district away from Austin and more into the Alamo city, to benefit his run for it in the Democrat primary.

The San Marcos Mercury reported: “Testifying in federal court last month about the maps he helped the Texas House Redistricting committee draw, Austin attorney Ryan Downton said he moved thousands of Bexar County Latino Democrats out of neighboring districts and into District 35 at the request of Castro and State Rep. Mike Villarreal, another San Antonio Democrat.”

We’ve learned of this Democrat skullduggery from Doggett’s campaign because the old Liberal is facing a serious challenge for his Congressional seat from the twin brother of San Antonio’s mayor: the previously mentioned Joaquin Castro.

The very ambitious Castro brothers, both extremely liberal and well-named, seemed to have been planning the challenge to Doggett all along. They figured they could hide the shift of Democrats from Canseco’s Congressional district behind GOP efforts to make that seat more “safe” for the Republican. But, in the big redistricting court fight pushed by Democrats, the self-serving plan was indirectly exposed, under oath.

None of it surprises but, don’t expect the state’s liberal editorial pages, especially the Express-News, to tone down criticism of the GOP and chastise the beloved liberal Bexar County Castro political machine.

Pratt on Texas

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