UPDATED: This article has been updated with comment from Denton ISD.

DENTON—A Denton Independent School District administrator emailed employees encouraging them to vote in the Republican primary election, decrying school choice and making other politically charged allegations.

Lindsay Lujan, DISD

Lindsay Lujan, DISD

The author of the email is Lindsay Lujan, the district’s “Director of Special Programs.” She also serves as the principal at the district’s Alexander Elementary School.

Lujan told employees in the “all staff” message that the district “will provide coverage for ALL Borman employees to go and vote in the Texas Republican Primary. Our goal is 100% of Borman employees voting, because it is THAT important!”

It is uncertain why she references the district’s Borman Elementary campus in an email apparently directed at the Alexander Elementary staff, though it indicates the same or similar message went to multiple campuses in DISD.

Lujan also included a statement purportedly from the superintendent of a southeast Texas school district:

“If Texas educators do not come together & vote on the candidate that will support public schools, we are in trouble. We cannot wait. Billions of $$ sitting there holding us hostage, for vouchers. Districts adopting deficit budges across the state while politics are played” – Brian Bowman, Superintendent of Diboll ISD.

The Texas Election Code prohibits public employees from using public resources to electioneer, while another section prohibits voter coercion.

“This is a highly illegal misuse of school resources for electioneering purposes. The Attorney General’s Office should put a stop to it,” attorney Tony McDonald told Texas Scorecard.

School Choice advocate Corey DeAngelis is highlighting the issue as well, posting that “Telling employees how to vote with district resources is illegal.”

The Texas Attorney General’s Office has emphasized concern over electioneering in schools in recent elections, encouraging those who see potential violations to report them.

In response to Texas Scorecard’s questions regarding the email, Denton ISD’s Chief Communications Officer Julie Zwahr said, “We strive to create a culture of routine voting and believe that participating in the democratic process is every citizen’s civic duty.”

Sydnie Henry

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