AUSTIN — Leftist Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza is again raising many questions with his version of “justice” by prosecuting an apparent self-defense victim of a tragic accident while letting an alleged mass-shooting gang member go free.

The first case arose from the death of Garrett Foster during last summer’s “protests” in downtown Austin. Army Sergeant Daniel Perry was driving up Congress Avenue when his vehicle was encompassed by a mob, rendering escape impossible.

Foster, who was part of that crowd, was carrying an AR-15 and pointed the muzzle toward Sergeant Perry’s vehicle. Perry responded by firing at Foster.

There are conflicting reports as to whether Foster deliberately pointed the weapon at the vehicle or if it was accidentally angled in that direction. Either way, the situation was a tragic event.

According to DA Garza, however, it’s murder.

Last week, the Travis County DA returned a murder indictment against Sergeant Perry. Indeed, during the grand jury proceeding, Garza’s office refused to even allow defense attorneys to address the court. Perry is likely to face trial sometime in 2022.

“In [the Perry] case, the District Attorney’s Office refused to allow Mr. Perry’s defense attorneys to make a written presentation to the Grand Jury considering Mr. Perry’s case. This refusal is unusual in Texas and begs the question why the District Attorney’s Office would not allow this,” wrote Sgt. Perry’s attorney in a statement. “We understand the political motivations of the District Attorney, however, when this case is presented to a jury at trial and the jury gets to hear all the evidence instead of a one-sided presentation, we have every confidence that Sgt. Perry will be acquitted.”

“Once again Garza is preventing defense lawyers from presenting anything to the Grand Jury. He did the same in [another recent case],” tweeted left-leaning local attorney Adam Loewy. “That is his right but it will be a different ballgame when, ya know, the defense gets to present.”

By contrast, observe Garza’s actions following last month’s mass shooting on downtown Austin’s Sixth Street, which made national headlines and was the city’s worst mass casualty event in seven years.

On June 12, gang warfare erupted in Austin’s iconic entertainment district. Following a hail of gunfire, one tourist was left dead and 13 others were injured.

A few days later, police identified and arrested Jeremiah Tabb and a second unidentified minor from Killeen. Both are suspected gang members.

Recently, however, DA Garza dropped charges against both.

As attorney Loewy again observed:

Garza’s actions come amid other questions of corruption and police targeting within his office.

Concerned Travis County residents may contact the DA’s office.

Adam Cahn

Adam is a longtime conservative activist and an avid UT and Yankees fan.



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