Unhappy that voters are learning about her choice to prioritize diversity training in state agencies over border security, incumbent liberal Republican Marsha Farney of Georgetown has resorted to smearing the face of her challenger – a former Colonel in the U.S. Army who was wounded while serving in the Middle East.

Responding to a mailer from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility informing taxpayers about her voting record, Farney and her team sent a glossy mailer smearing her challenger Terry Wilson – literally distorting a headshot of Mr. Wilson from his campaign website.

Farney Mailer

Marsha Farney’s distorted photo of Army veteran Terry Wilson

Mr. Wilson – a 30 year veteran of the U.S. Army – was literally hit by a vehicle carrying an IED in 2005, resorting in years of rehabilitation. He ultimately overcame paralysis on the right side of his body.

Voters across the state have taken notice to Farney’s shameless smearing of Mr. Wilson. On Monday, Young Conservatives of Texas sent out this press release denouncing her actions:



Over the weekend, a mailer from the campaign of Rep. Marsha Farney hit mailboxes distorting the face of Colonel Terry Wilson, calling into question his integrity.

“Terry has served our country with honor and overcome extreme disabilities, including facial disfigurement, after an encounter with an IED during a deployment to the Middle East,” said Jeff Morris, YCT State Chairman. “It is beyond disgraceful for an elected official to distort the face of a decorated combat veteran for political gain.”

Colonel Terry Wilson served in the U.S. Army for over 30 years, including numerous deployments, before retiring this past Summer. In 2005 Wilson was literally run over by a vehicle with an IED attached to it, leaving him disabled. After years of rehabilitation, he was able to overcome paralysis of the right side of his body.

Farney’s mailer attempts to give her cover on an issue brought up by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility in one of their recent mailers. The piece brought to light Farney’s vote on an amendment to the state budget regarding border security.

“Instead of taking responsibility for her abysmal voting record, Farney has instead taken to bullying a combat veteran, making him out to look like a comic book villain,” continued Morris. “The voters of House District 20 will not be fooled by her hateful rhetoric.”

Dustin Matocha

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