On Tuesday, an enthusiastic group of parents, students, and concerned citizens held a patriotic and inclusive rally at the Fireman’s Memorial in Fort Worth to support the removal of critical race theory from the Fort Worth Independent School District.  

The rally featured several speakers, including Marshall Hobbs Jr., a government professor; Kelly Burke, a former Arlington mayoral candidate; and Tim O’Hare and Trevor Buker, Republican candidates for Tarrant County judge. Also in attendance was the organization FreedomWorks.  

Hobbs had the crowd cheering with his impassioned speech, opening with, “Real justice, real peace.”

“Critical race theory is critical return theory; I am not an oppressed individual,” Hobbs, a black American, told the crowd. “How in the world was I able to retire from the military, retire from law enforcement, and teach government at a community college if I was an oppressed individual?” 

“Let me tell you this: Ground zero is Fort Worth, Texas. And if you love America, how many love Texas?” O’Hare asked the crowd. “If Texas were to fall into the wrong hands, America as we know it is over.” 

Burke told the crowd, “This attack is directly out of ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ If possible—if you’re a grandparent, if you’re a mother or father, and you can—pull your kids out of the public education system.”

Andy Hopper came from Wise County to support FWISD parents. “Texans are now acutely aware of the sinister implications of the push of CRT in our schools, in our corporations, and in our military forces,” he told Texas Scorecard. “I, along with the other board members of Wise County Conservatives, [am] attending the FWISD board meeting to stand in solidarity with FWISD parents that are leading this rally and to stand for our values and against the notion that America is best viewed as an epic struggle between oppressors and the oppressed.” 

“It is not the duty of government to achieve an equality of outcome rather than the equality of opportunity,” he added.

Citizens left the rally and walked directly to the school board meeting. While at the meeting, the rally attendees experienced name-calling and intimidation. “People were telling all of the speakers that spoke against CRT [that] they were racist,” Missy Carra said.

Citizens concerned about CRT in their schools may contact their school board member and attend board meetings.

Tera Collum

Tera Collum has 13 years experience as a government and economics teacher in Texas public schools. She recently was the director of The Travis Institute of Educational Policy and Teachers for Texas.