SAN ANTONIO—A new investigation into San Antonio government schools reveals that many school officials are attempting to bypass the statewide ban on Critical Race Theory (CRT) in K-12 schools.

Accuracy In Media—an organization that empowers individuals to hold journalists, public officials, and private officials accountable—released a new investigation showing multiple San Antonio government school administrators saying the law prohibiting CRT in schools doesn’t affect them or school plans.

“Personally, I have been in over 250 school districts across the country investigating this sort of thing, and some of the absolute worst deception we’ve seen in America was in Texas,” AIM President Adam Guillette told Texas Scorecard.

“Parents have every right to be morally outraged by these law-breaking administrators who are happily deceiving them,” he added. 

During Texas’ 87th Legislative Session in 2021, Abbott signed House Bill 3979 into law, which was supposed to prevent teachers from utilizing critical race theory and prohibit teaching that one race or sex is inherently superior to another. 

After Abbott called for stricter restrictions on CRT, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 3 during a special session and strengthened the measure to protect all areas of learning. 

Despite the prohibition, school districts around San Antonio have been exposed for their commitment to circumventing the laws and mocking parents and lawmakers concerned with the teachings.

During an undercover interview with Edgewood ISD’s English, Language Arts, and Reading Content Coordinator, Marissa Perez, she told the investigator that “we don’t follow much of what [Gov. Greg] Abbott is trying to get us to do.”

Brad Cloud, director of instructional technology at South San Antonio ISD, also revealed that they “just fly under the radar.”

“I mean as long as they’re following our TEKS [Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills], you know they’re teaching the standards, then they’re not going to get much flak from the building administrator.” 

Another administrator was caught saying the CRT laws are just political stunts to appease conservative voters. 

When asked about MAGA parents pushing back on school districts teaching CRT, Assistant Director of Secondary Social Studies at North East ISD, Millie Reynolds, said, “There are a few, but they don’t win the argument. Nobody wants to go through the process. What they want to do is talk about it on tv and get votes.”

Guillette told Texas Scorecard his investigations throughout Texas have revealed that universal school choice is the only solution to this problem. 

“Our takeaway [from the investigation] is that the only solution is universal school choice. Because these [CRT] laws micromanaging public education obviously don’t accomplish anything,” explained Guillette. “At the end of the day, teachers can close the door and do ‘what’s right’ or do what they want. That’s a common phrase we heard again and again throughout Texas.”

Texas Scorecard has also reported on a previous investigation by AIM, where investigative reporters exposed multiple school district administrators in the Dallas area saying they embed critical race theory into their schools.

Neither South San Antonio ISD or Edgewood ISD responded to a request for comment prior to publication.

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.