City employees in Fort Worth can become “Diversity Matters Champions” as part of the local government’s cultural awareness program.

A flyer from the City’s Diversity and Inclusion department shows the six different events that employees can attend, including LGBT “Pride Month,” Juneteenth, and Hispanic Heritage Month. 

On the other side of the flyer, employees are informed that by attending five of the six events in person or online, they will qualify as a “Diversity Matters Champion.”

An employee attending in person will have to sign in to receive credit, while those attending online must “send a comment about something you learned or liked from the program.”

The cultural awareness programs are organized by the Diversity and Inclusion Employee Committee, which was created by the city manager’s office. The committee is comprised of one employee from each city department, selected by the department’s director. 

The committee’s task is to promote “understanding and appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness by presenting City employees with cultural awareness programs and professional learning opportunities.” 

Tarrant County GOP Chairman Bo French has called on the city to disavow diversity and inclusion programs. 

“We keep finding out that our beloved red county is promoting radical Marxism. Diversity and inclusion programs do the opposite of what they claim. They only seek to divide us and promote racism against white people (and Christians),” wrote French on social media. “I call on the city of Fort Worth to immediately disavow these programs or the good people in this community will mobilize like never before to run the Marxists out of office.”

The DEI philosophy has been widely repudiated as universities and businesses created DEI departments and councils that promoted divisive racial policies. Rather than fight for equal opportunities, activists in such departments have regularly pressed for equal outcomes. While the ideology is marketed as innocent and an attempt to solve alleged racial issues, DEI initiatives are commonly linked with the controversial Critical Race Theory.

Representatives from the city’s media relations and DEI departments did not respond to requests for comment.

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.