A North Texas conservative group has joined a growing number of organizations condemning the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton by the Texas House.

Grayson County Conservatives announced a resolution earlier this week condemning the impeachment process by the Texas House of Representatives. The group is calling on Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and members of the Texas Senate to uphold constitutionally guaranteed due process and support Texas law by dismissing the articles of impeachment.

“It is the sincere desire of the Grayson County Conservatives that the State of Texas not become a banana republic,” reads the resolution. “The articles of impeachment are unsupported by the competent and admissible evidence and are an affront to the presumption of innocence.” 

The resolution—passed unanimously—highlighted several issues with the General Investigating Committee, such as the investigating committee having failed to place witnesses under oath when taking their statements. The resolution also takes aim at the committee for failing to give Paxton a notice of the hearing so he could provide evidence in his defense. 

Notably, State Rep. Reggie Smith (R–Van Alstyne)—who represents the district—voted in favor of the impeachment along with North Texas House members Jeff Leach (R–Allen), Candy Noble (R–Lucas), Frederick Frazier (R–McKinney), Matt Shaheen (R–Plano), and Justin Holland (R–Heath).

“GCC thought it was important to let our Texas state representative know that the Grayson community at large does not approve of the vote to impeach conservative AG Ken Paxton. There are a couple things that led to this resolution coming from GCC. First, we have a Republican State Rep. Reggie Smith, that has the audacity to impeach a fellow Republican based solely on hearsay. Second, the county GOP failed to pass such a resolution when given the chance. Due to these events, we felt the need to step in and provide a voice of reason for The People of Grayson County on this matter,” GCC Co-Founder and Chairman Joy Roberts told Texas Scorecard.

In May, the Texas House voted 121-23 to impeach Paxton, with 61 Democrats and 60 Republicans voting in favor. They impeached him on 20 disputed charges of misapplication of public resources, bribery, obstruction of justice, abuse of public trust, and disregard of official duties.

Many other North Texas groups, including Collin County GOP (Paxton’s home county), Parker County GOP, and Dallas County GOP, have condemned the impeachment citing similar grievances. 

The Texas Senate will begin Paxton’s impeachment trial on September 5.

State Rep. Smith has not responded to a request for comment.

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.