There are 11 state constitutional amendments on the November 3 ballot. Early voting begins on Monday, October 19. If you are voting by mail (absentee voting), the last day to submit your mail-in ballot is Tuesday, October 27.

The Secretary of State breaks down the information for students, military/overseas voters, and sick/disabled/elderly voters here.  You can find your county’s early voting information on your county’s election website, a full list of which can be found here.  The Secretary of State also has formal ballot language available here.
I have posted information on each of the 11 state constitutional amendments on the ballot. Those posts are under this tag at Blue Dot Blues. Comments and thoughts on each are welcome, for readers’ benefit. As we near early voting, I will post formal, personal recommendations for each. My disclaimer: I speak for no entity or individual other than myself.
I hope you find this information useful in deciding how to vote on November 3.