Irving ISD taxpayers are going to be voted on a $250 million bond in educNovember that includes replacing laptop computers for every high school student. This is an example of mission creep – in years past parents were in charge of buying supplies for their students.  In another example of mission creep, the Corpus Christi City Council has set aside $100,000 for hiring an education director.

Since K-12 education is handled by school districts and there is also Del Mar Community College, this is clearly unnecessary and duplicative. The Council says "the education director would work with local school officials to ensure that tomorrow's workforce has the skills necessary to meet the needs of local business and industry." Apparently, the implication is that local school officials cannot accomplish this themselves without another layer of administration.

Government-funded education is expensive enough when each entity sticks to its original purpose, but taxpayers can hardly afford for taxing entities to exceed their scope.



4/19/24 Leftist Feminist Professor LEAVES UT Austin

- Feminist media critic to depart UT-Austin over DEI ban. - Houston teacher arrested for improper relationship with a student. - Huffman ISD accuses AG’s Office of Election Interference in response to electioneering lawsuit.