It seems a $100,000 Public Relations Director isn’t enough for Austin ISD, a school district that recently fired hundreds of teachers to close a $95 million budget gap. Now, they want three more coordinators in the same department, all with salaries at or above what a teacher would make. <!-break->

The vote to finalize cutting 792 jobs came in late March, a few weeks after the school district posted an opening for a Director of Public Relations and Multicultural Outreach. The salary for said position? Up to $112,000.

But we can’t expect to have only one bureaucrat in the Public Relations & Multicultural Outreach Department, can we? Apparently, neither can Austin ISD. They’ve now posted openings on their website for a Public Affairs Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator, and Media Relations Coordinator. Each position pays at or above what a teacher could expect to make, anywhere from $45,500 to $56,900 annually.

It’s ironic that two of the positions have the explicit goal of “stimulating a better understanding” of the needs of the school district. Apparently the need to hire more teachers and fewer administrators is something they’ve overlooked.

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