The Dallas City Council is misleading citizens yet again.

My sources inside of the Dallas Police Department training division, who I will not name for anonymity purposes as well as to keep the department from retaliating against them, informed me of the proposed injustice to be served upon the people of the City of Dallas in the 2021 fiscal year.

The goal with the police budget is not to reduce funding, but to not hire any new police officers. Funds are being added to the department for social services assistants on police calls. Make no mistake: just because you call it “reallocation of funds” or “reimagining the Dallas Police Department,” it’s the same as defunding.

The department is not planning to hold an academy for new recruits during the 2021 fiscal year, according to my sources inside the department. This would be a defund tactic of an epic nature.

And for the councilwoman who continues to say that this information is incorrect, I am requesting on behalf of the citizens of the City of Dallas that a formal statement be released by the mayor’s office, stating that the Dallas police recruitment will continue, as well as training and police academy classes during the 2021 fiscal year, and that adequate funding be provided to ensure adequate resources are available as far as the number of officers required to respond as part of the crisis intervention team for mental health calls.

This needs to be released from the mayor’s office in conjunction with the new budget to ensure transparency and to have documentation for the citizens of the City of Dallas to hold the mayor, the city manager, the entire city council accountable in this matter.

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Troy B. Jackson

Troy B. Jackson is a Christian, activist, and taxpayer in Dallas.