A column by Leo McKinstry in the in the Daily Express begins with this paragraph: “Britain continues its descent into a socialist hell, devoid of any justice or morality. We now live in a sub-Marxist world where the ultra-politicised institutions of the State wield arbitrary power, bullying the decent members of the public while dangerous criminals walk free.”

The mother-country has long been several steps ahead of we in the states in the march toward Statism disguised as democracy. And the reason we should pay attention is that it is the same political philosophies, schemes and desired outcomes openly touted by the Democratic Party stateside, that has lead the U.K. into the socialist sewer.

Some of the stench is smelled in the Labour government passing bills to create thirty-six hundred new offenses “since 1997 at a rate of 320 a year, including such major crimes as holding an unlicensed concert in a church hall.” Followed with the result of violent crime more than doubling in the last ten years while fewer than half of “all violent offenders are ever put through the courts.”

The power of government, through law and regulation, has been turned upon the generally law-abiding population to force change in their thinking and behavior related to multiculturalism, environmentalism and other left-wing causes. At the same time, in keeping with Liberal orthodoxy, criminal behavior is being excused and ignored, to the point where once safe England is now top-ranked for violent crime.

If large numbers of Texans actually looked at the results of Liberal-Democrat policies in other places, it would be the end of electing Liberals in any significant numbers.

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Link to the column HONEST CITIZENS PUT IN THE DOCK AS THUGS GO FREE: https://www.express.co.uk/ourcomments/view/133533

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