My guess is still that the Texas Voter ID issue will not be settled until appeals are played out but, the trial in DC has been interesting.

First, the ultra-liberal Democrat state rep. who chairs one of the Texas House’ hyphenated caucuses, Trey Martinez Fischer of San Antonio, was caught in a whopper typical of his type of demagogue. The representative had told many, a television audience included, that Texas’ Voter ID would disenfranchise even his own mother. Turns out that his mother had a valid driver license when that claim was made and this year renewed such for another five years. Rep. Martinez Fischer was shown in court to be nothing more than a liar.

Then you have an eighteen-year-old girl who testified saying that the law would disenfranchise her because, get this, her parents don’t have time to take her and her twin sister to get an ID. The eighteen-year-old also told a story about the family car insurance and her ID that was over the top.

Then we come to the U.S. Attorney General, the corrupt Eric Holder. He spoke in Houston to the NAACP convention and told them that the Texas Voter ID law would take the vote from minorities. So I ask, where is the DOJ investigation into the Texas conspiracy to deny minorities access to photo ID’s? Such discrimination would have to be present to support Holder’s claim that the law would take the vote from them.

These folk are a sickening mess.

Pratt on Texas

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