Fighting to preserve conservative principles has long been a way of life for Permian Basin-native Nelson Spear. As a lawyer and passionate conservative, Spear has utilized his educational background, assertiveness, and drive to advocate for liberty-minded reforms and candidates.

“I have always had an interest in politics,” says Spear, “I remember being 8 years old and I was a solid Nixon supporter … I was so impressed with him that my mom helped me write a letter to him.”

It was also at the age of 8 that Spear realized where he fit ideologically. “[While watching TV with family] there was a scene in which one of the characters called another character a ‘genuine liberal.’ I asked my mom—a registered Democrat—what a liberal was. I cannot remember her answer, but I remember my response was ‘Ewww!’”

It appears Spear’s opinion of liberals has changed little in the last 52 years.

Since receiving a Bachelor of Arts from SMU in 1987 and his Juris Doctorate from Washburn University in 1990, Spear has gravitated towards a hands-on career in public policy. For over a decade, he served in various positions in New Mexico such as Assistant District Attorney in the Fifth Judicial District, Commissioner and Member of the New Mexico Gaming Control Board, and as the Chief Financial Analyst for the House Republicans in the State House of Representatives. Then, Spear served for 27 months as an Assistant United States Attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Mexico where he prosecuted immigration and drug crimes.

In 2006, he returned to West Texas to work with his family’s oil and gas business, Spear Brothers Group. However, he took a sabbatical in 2015 to go to Austin and work as general counsel for freshman standout and Taxpayer Champion, State Sen. Konni Burton (R-Colleyville). During his time in Burton’s office, Spear helped draft, review, and analyze legislation. During the 84th Legislative Session, Burton was ranked one of the most conservative members of the Texas Senate by both Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Young Conservatives of Texas, and Rice University.

Despite devoting countless hours to conservative reforms, Spear’s political involvement isn’t confined to the office. Since 1988, he’s been consistently involved in local and national campaign efforts as a donor, volunteer, event host, and as an active member in local Republican organizations.

Spear has served as a Delegate and Alternate Delegate to two national Republican Conventions and, while attending the 2012 RPT State Convention, helped draft and pass an immigration reform measure.

Spear has also engaged his government where it matters the most—at the local level. In 2015, he opposed a property tax increase ultimately passed by Midland County Commissioners, despite hundreds of residents signing a petition against it, and facilitated a campaign opposing a controversial texting ban pushed by Midland City Council. Most recently, Spear voiced his opposition against $22 million in new debt proposed by Midland City Council. This particular fight ended in a victory–with conservative members of the council tabling the measure.

Like most lawyers, Spear isn’t afraid to fight back- even if it doesn’t always end in his favor. And since the ripe age of eight years old, he has, in his own words, “loved being a part of the fight.” So much that he is willing to devote not only his career, but his life outside of work to fight against laws that infringe on personal liberty.

Spear’s favorite pastimes outside the realm of politics include spending time with his family, “anything and everything” related to guns, and collecting autographed baseballs.

Lauren Melear

Lauren Melear leads the West Texas Bureau of Texas Scorecard. When not working, Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, as well as cooking, working out, traveling to the hill country, and cheering on the fightin' Texas Aggies.