In advance of the 2012 general election and the next legislative session, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has unveiled a re-built website that incorporates a sleek look and new features. The website can be found at

“This new website is optimized for action,” said TFR president Michael Quinn Sullivan. “It’s been designed to incorporate mobile platforms and give users easier access to tools and information.”

The site has updated how users can discover their elected officials on our “Who Represents Me” page and how they interact with our Fiscal Responsibility Index. Upgrading these tools will help voters be better informed about who their elected officials are and how they are performing in Austin.

“Most people interact on policy and politics using social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, so the new site has been designed with that sensibility in mind,” added TFR’s social media coordinator, Dustin Matocha. “Keeping the site clean and easy to share was at the top of our priorities.”

The redesign was spearheaded by the San Antonio-based technology company Bold Perspective.

“As with any launch, we’re looking forward to ironing out the wrinkles so our friends and visitors can have a great experience with the site,” said Sullivan. “And we’re going to be implementing more web-based tools for citizen-activism in the coming months.”

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