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Houston: A Year of Challenges Ahead

The Houston region is anticipating significant challenges over the next few years. With a new administration taking office, a restructuring of Houston’s governing structure, and primary elections on the horizon, there’s a lot to focus on. As Mayor Sylvester Turner...


The ‘City With No Property Taxes’ Might Soon Have Them

On the heels of an election largely centered on candidates’ opposition to implementing a property tax, the Stafford City Council has opened discussion on placing a property tax measure up for a vote next November.  The small town, just shy of 20,000 residents and...


Police Defunder Requests Increased Patrols

U.S. Rep. Greg Casar, who previously served a decade on the Austin City Council, recently requested additional patrols in his neighborhood. The Austin Police Retired Officers Association reacted to the “hypocrisy” as Casar advocated for defunding the police in 2020....