I was home not more than five minutes tonight when I turned on KVUE to catch the weather, and was instead confronted with Rep. Patrick Rose’s (D-Dripping Springs) first extraordinary commercial of the season.

In it, Rose takes credit for putting more “equipment” and “men” on the border – which, since the budget passed unanimously, would rate a “Barely True” by PolitiFact standards.  Moreover, he calls for a “crack down” on border security.  

He stops short of actually calling for an Arizona-style law in Texas, but unwitting dupes some voters may not remember that when they go to the polls.  While nothing Rose’s commercial contradicted his party’s agenda (except possibly the call for a “crack down”), it was all soft rhetoric that simply sounds conservative, and constituents expecting a hardliner on illegal immigration will not find one in their current state representative.

For years now, Patrick Rose has tried to make it seem like he’s a “friendly” Democrat, like he’s conservative, like he’s a bipartisan cipher.  The truth is radically different.  This week, TRHC launched The Rose Record, a website with the truth about Patrick Rose’s record and history.

Commercials with conservative-sounding talking points, and red “fiscal conservative” signs, won’t dig Patrick Rose out of the pile of half-truths and flat-out lies on which he has built his political reputation.  

Voters will do well to remember that on November 2.


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