Things are heating up in Straus’ home county, where a new poll conducted earlier this week validates the county GOP’s recent resolution to remove Straus from the House Speakership due to his opposition towards conservative reforms and Gov. Greg Abbott’s agenda.

The poll, conducted by one of Bexar County’s GOP precinct chairs Phil Sevilla, begins by asking respondents whether they support the Governor’s agenda for the special session. The poll was only issued to precinct chairs in Bexar County. An overwhelming 90% said that they support Abbott’s 20 agenda items.

Straus loyalists have been quick to claim that the only reason the resolution passed last week was because people were or weren’t there – that the numbers just happened to be right – which of course, is why any vote happens the way it does, ever. Using that spurious logic, they’ve been attempting to paint the results of last week’s executive committee meeting as sheer circumstance – but this new poll paints an entirely different story. Of the respondents who attended the meeting, 63.64% said they voted in favor of the resolution.

Keep in mind, this poll consists purely of precinct chairs in Straus’ home county – where he has historically enjoyed overwhelming support.

Of the respondents who did not attend the meeting, 70% said they would have voted for the resolution had they been present.

As to the vote being a matter of circumstance, they’re correct – but not in the manner they intend. Conservative precinct chairs have attempted to pass similar resolutions in the past, only to be quashed by Bexar County GOP’s establishment-friendly chairman, Robert Stovall.

In that regard, this manifestation of the body’s will is even more spectacular than initial impressions. Despite overtly hostile leadership, grassroots conservatives were able to seize an opportunity to have the party officially reflect the will of the body – not just its sycophantic leadership.

“Session after session I have journeyed to Austin only to experience the same results each time: pro-life, pro-family bills dying on the cutting room floor,” said Paula Moore, a Bexar County precinct chair and conservative activist.  “After experiencing years of business as usual at Bexar County GOP Headquarters, I am excited to see conservative precinct chairs took a stand on July 10, and then again in this survey.”

Greg Harrison

Gregory led the Central Texas Bureau for Empower Texans and Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he got involved politically through the Young Conservatives of Texas. He enjoys fishing, grilling, motorcycling, and of course, all things related to firearms.


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