There are many who still believe U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will again bailout of the race for Texas governor as she did four years ago. The question has been: How does she do so while saving face, or more importantly, while maintaining a big political ego?

Perhaps the prescription was uncovered on how Hutchison bails from the race for governor, in an interview she gave on KFYO AM790 in Lubbock this past Saturday.

Host Chad Hasty posed the much asked question about when it is was Hutchison plans to resign from the U.S. Senate. She already told Dallas radio listeners that it would be this Fall, likely October or November.

“Well, I had hoped to resign this Fall, sometime before the end of the year. And that is still my goal,” stated the Senator on KFYO.

Note the use of the past tense word “had”. Now couple it with what was delivered next, a classic way to get out of the race for governor: “But as long as healthcare is out there, I am going to do everything possible to fight this government takeover. It’s just too important to all of us that we stay and fight the government takeover of healthcare,” added Senator Hutchison.

The host Chad Hasty asked if healthcare is on the table through 2010, does that mean she would stay in the Senate throughout the election?

“I didn’t say I would stay until it’s finished. I’m hoping, for sure, that we’ll be able to finish it sometime this Fall. I have not made a decision about staying beyond that,” replied the Senator.

Once again voters are with left with: Which is it Senator? Do you plan to resign? Do you plan to stay to fight Obama-care? When will you take a decision about the issue?

And therein lies the problem, someone who wants to be the chief executive of Texas but, can’t seem to take, and stick with, key decisions.

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