Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly referred to Dr. Ansbro as a psychologist, rather than a psychiatrist. 

Without parental knowledge or consent, a high school in Boerne Independent School District hosted a licensed psychiatrist who spoke to students about gender identity, gender transitional drugs, and Christians’ lack of acceptance toward LGBTQ people.

Boerne-Samuel V. Champion High School invited Dr. Sarah Ansbro, who is self-described as actively involved in the LGBTQ+ movement, constantly working with the LGBTQ+ community in San Antonio, and passionately assisting with gender-mutilating “care.”

One student informed his mom of the “heavy topics discussed” by Ansbro, but the mom said her child refused to relay all the topics to her.

Flyers highlighting the speaker were posted across the school. Ansbro was not named directly on the flyer, but it was noted there would be a guest speaker during “all 3 lunches” at the library.

The flyer also mentioned a discussion of LGBTQ+ book recommendations that would be offered in the library following each of Ansbro’s talks.

This was not the first time sexually explicit books have been recommended to the school’s students. The GSA club, the school’s “social activists club,” has a Google Classroom featuring slideshows that recommend explicit LGBTQ+ books and condemn conservatives for banning the books.

These books are listed on the slideshow as highly recommended to students:

  • Gender Queer,” by Maia Kobabe, which is a sexually explicit graphic novel about the author’s journey coming out as non-binary. The book is a “handful of graphic illustrations of LGBTQ sexual experiences.”
  • Lawn Boy,” by Jonathan Evison, which contains explicit sexual content including pedophilic content, sexual nudity, alcohol and drug use, and excessive profanity.
  • All Boys Aren’t Blue,” by George M. Johnson, which contains content of sexual performances, nudity of minors, and incest; promotes watching pornography as a minor; and promotes the use of marijuana and underage drinking.

Regarding the speaker and topics discussed, Champion High School parents were sent an email from the school’s principal, Beto Hinojosa.

Hinojosa alleged the meeting featuring Ansbro was not “an approved campus event.”

“Student-led clubs are required to seek approval from the campus administration to use campus facilities and they are required to seek approval from the campus administration for activities held on campus,” a statement from Hinojosa reads. “In this instance this approval was not obtained. The messages shared at this meeting were not reviewed and therefore are not endorsed by the CHS campus or the Boerne Independent School District. We apologize that this presentation was held on campus without proper approval.”

A statement from BISD echoed Hinojosa’s email: “Boerne ISD or Champion High School did not approve this event beforehand, and thus do not endorse the topics discussed.”

Investigative journalist Sarah Fields believes both statements are false.

“They knew,” Fields wrote on Twitter. “We all know this is a lie. If they did not know, why was a complete stranger allowed inside the school walls without permission?”

Hinojosa, who had received an email from the aforementioned student’s mother, informed the GSA club of the email and even shared the information with other CHS students. Both the mom and student are now being bullied and being called “transphobes.”

According to investigative journalist Sarah Fields, Hinojosa’s actions could be a “serious ethics violation.”

The Texas Administrators’ Code of Ethics states, “The educator shall not reveal confidential information concerning students unless disclosure serves lawful professional purposes or is required by law.”

“Texas kids must be kept safe from sick adults who want to sexualize them,” said Austin Griesinger, the policy director of Texas Family Project. “Indoctrination in our schools must come to an end. Stories like this demonstrate the failure of school administrators to protect kids and undermine why so many parents are losing faith in the public school system.”

Screenshots from Field’s report and classes offered by CHS’s GSA club are available here.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.