Taxes will increase overall for some Amarillo-area residents, thanks to tax rate increases adopted by most of the local taxing entities.

As a recap of the tax rates approved by taxing entities in the area, the City of Amarillo, Amarillo College, the Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District, and both Potter and Randall counties voted to adopt tax rates over the “effective” tax rate, also known as the “no-new-revenue” rate. The increases ranged from under 4 percent up to a 7.9 percent increase passed by the Panhandle Groundwater District.

Meanwhile, Amarillo Independent School District adopted a tax rate that was less than the previous year’s rate but still higher than the effective tax rate to maintain the same level of revenue as the previous year. Canyon ISD, which services part of south Amarillo, also adopted a tax rate lower than the previous year’s rate but higher than the effective tax rate.

Here is a look at the tax rates approved by each entity:

City of Amarillo – $0.38851 per $100 valuation

Randall County – $0.44126 per $100 valuation

Potter County – $0.69125 per $100 valuation

Panhandle Groundwater District – $0.0096 per $100 valuation

Amarillo ISD – $1.169 per $100 valuation

Canyon ISD – $1.230 per $100 valuation

While Amarillo ISD and Canyon ISD approved lower tax rates, both rates adopted were still over the effective tax rate for the year. Each taxing entity also approved tax rates over the effective rate during the 2018 tax rate discussions.

For a full list of 2018 tax rates, or to see information about your taxing entities, click here.

Thomas Warren

Thomas Warren, III is the editor-in-chief of the Amarillo Pioneer newspaper in Amarillo, Texas.