A great and paramount difference between how Democrat leaders see the world versus conservatives was on full display at the Texas Democratic State Convention which met in Houston this past week.

The ultra-liberal and aptly named mayor of San Antonio, Julián Castro, delivered the keynote speech to his fellow left-wingers. He stated as part of his theme that the Republican Party is spinning out of control. Why does the young Obama-loving star of Texas Democrats say that the GOP is spinning out of control?

Democrat Castro says specifically that the Republican leaders are “losing control over their own folks.” “They have no control over their party right now. They have no control over their base,” Castro said.

And there you have on display why the modern Democratic Party is inherently anti-American and anti-Freedom. Voters, concerned citizens, and party members are to be “controlled” by the elites at the top, the party bosses, and ultimately, government elites.

I’m not taking this out of context, it’s exactly what Castro said and he meant. Apparently the San Antonio mayor is unaware that in the Republican Party of Texas, as is supposed to be the case for our governments in America, power flows from the people up, not the other way around as Democrats prefer.

So often, Democrats tell us exactly what they believe about American citizens, themselves, and how much they desire a tyrannical government of their own self-appointed wise-men to rule over and “control” us and yet, most Americans refuse to hear.

Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt has been active in Texas Republican politics since the Reagan re-elect in 1984. He has served as Lubbock County Republican chairman, and in 2006 founded the Pratt on Texas radio network, providing the news and commentary of Texas on both radio and podcast. Learn more at www.PrattonTexas.com.


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