“Sandstorming” is a negative campaign strategy used to obscure the record of a candidate by creating a cloud of misconceptions about their opponent. It is easily recognized when a candidate disparages the opponent instead of speaking about their own qualifications and solutions to issues they would enact if elected, or re-elected.

Leading conservative groups in Texas independently issued dismal scorecard ratings of “F” for the legislative voting records of Senator Estes.

Instead of running on his record, Estes has kicked up a sandstorm in repeated negative campaign ads and public comments in an apparent attempt to disparage the integrity and record of his opponent, Jim Herblin.

The name of Eppstein, and affiliated Eppstein groups, have a long history with Estes. Eppstein Group is among a list of consultant groups currently being monitored for suspected fraudulent campaign practices.

In the Political Expenditures report filed with the Texas Ethics Commission for the reporting period dated May 2l, 2012, Estes reported paying to Eppstein Group and The Election Group, Llc a total of $166,452.34.

In 2001, Eppstein, the campaign consultant group, released a poll they conducted of ‘voter approval’ which favored Estes by a wide margin in a race where Estes was a candidate. (Open link and scroll to “One More Poll, and the Cavalry Rides Again” by Texas Weekly dated 11-5-2001.)

At least two people who endorsed Jim Herblin have been contacted by either Estes or one of his staff members requesting that they retract their Herblin endorsements.

Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum, stated that Estes requested that she retract her endorsement.

Sheila Cox, Legislative Chairman with Cooke County Republican Women, stated an Estes staff member requested that she retract her Herblin endorsement. Adams and Cox refused to retract their endorsements. In order to be an informed voter on Tuesday, May 29, additional information is contained in the following links that will settle the dust in this Texas sandstorm.


5/24/24 More Trouble at the Border

- DPS arrests 57 illegal aliens for criminal trespass in the Normandy area. - North Texas teacher arrested for assaulting 4-year-old child. - Texas sues Ticketmaster for monopolization of live entertainment industry.