PFLUGERVILLE — As parents across the state and country rally to stop school boards from teaching their children with sexually explicit and racist materials, one Central Texas school district is now hailing a controversial pro-abortion congresswoman as a role model for kids.

“During Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate those of Spanish-speaking backgrounds who have positively influenced our students and staff. Today: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” posted Pflugerville Independent School District on Wednesday.

Ocasio-Cortez, commonly known as AOC, is the self-proclaimed socialist New York congresswoman who has continually sparked national attention—and backlash—for her far-left beliefs.

For example, she adamantly supports killing children in the womb, most recently attacking Texas’ new life-saving Heartbeat Act and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to give to organizations that exterminate babies.

“Anti-choice laws are also an abuse of power that attempts to seize sexual control over people’s bodies en masse,” AOC tweeted after the U.S. Supreme Court recently allowed the Heartbeat Act to continue. The act simply makes it illegal in Texas to kill a child once their heartbeat is detected.

“The gutting of Roe v Wade imperils every menstruating person in the US,” she continued. “Just one reason Roe isn’t a ‘women’s issue’ beyond the fact that people who aren’t women can menstruate too!”

AOC also has a troubling history of antisemitism, including when she helped offer a resolution in Congress comparing a boycott of Israel to a boycott of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and when she opposed additional aid earlier this year for Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile self-defense system.

That system saved countless innocent men, women, and children in May when it shot down thousands of incoming rockets the Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant groups fired toward Israeli residential neighborhoods.

“If you oppose funding for the Iron Dome, it means you want to deny Israel the ability to stop those rocket attacks. It means you want Hamas to retain the capability to kill Israeli civilians in their homes,” wrote national columnist Marc A. Thiessen.

“When you vote to let terrorists kill Jews, that is antisemitism.”

Furthermore, AOC vocally advocates to defund police and law enforcement nationwide, despite the fact she, compared to her colleagues, is among those who spend the most on their own private security.

“[D]espite their rhetoric and legislative proposals, [AOC and several other Democrat representatives] are relying on private security … to provide the protection that they would deny their own constituents,” wrote the New York Post, calling AOC’s actions a classic case of “good for thee, but not for me.”

Citizens reacted to Pflugerville ISD officials celebrating her as a role model for children.

“This is asinine. I might file a [public open records] request for all information in this decision making process,” wrote Sylvan Rodriguez.

“If you were looking for someone who has ‘positively influenced’ the school, there are countless better persons to choose over AOC,” wrote Jonathan Silva. “Her push for communist policies, the same ones forcing Cubans to flee their country, is shameful.”

“Now teach about the people killed by #Communism,” one individual added.

“You do know she’s an Anti Semite, right?” another replied.

“I wonder when Ted Cruz, you know, your US Senator, will be recognized,” one citizen commented.

“Ted Cruz is also Hispanic….maybe you are planning to highlight him tomorrow?” another individual added.

Pflugerville ISD’s posts come amid a contentious nationwide battle between parents and school boards over controversial mask mandates on children and troubling curriculum such as critical race theory, the hotly contentious racist ideology that teaches students are inherently inferior or superior and should be punished or promoted because of the color of their skin.

Concerned citizens may contact their school district.

Jacob Asmussen

Jacob Asmussen is a Senior Journalist for Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and in 2017 earned a double major in public relations and piano performance.