In the race for Texas Agricultural Commissioner I’ve endorsed former representative Sid Miller who makes a strong case related to water rights as to why agriculture needs a commissioner who knows his way around state government and the legislature. Sid served as chairman of the House Agriculture and Livestock Committee which oversees the Texas Department of Agriculture.

image: Sid Miller

Sid Miller

I’m not always big on the idea that an experienced insider is what we need when it comes to legislative positions but, this is an executive position and there is much benefit in knowing where the Austin political closets are located and what’s hanging in them. Texas landowners are facing a new challenge in war that is ramping up to be among the most important ever fought: water use and property rights.

The legislature and governor made a huge mistake last session, without Sid Miller’s vote mind you, to change a citizen-run state water board and turn it into a three-person paid bureaucracy that is unaccountable to anyone. And despite all the talk about water districts being local, it’s this set of Austin bureaucrats who will control the parameters of a state water plan with which local districts are to partner.

Texas land owners must have a strong, informed and experienced voice to protect agriculture and ranching as the new water-bureaucracy begins to assert its power and tests the limits of the agency. Sid Miller makes the case that he is not only willing to fight tooth and nail against encroachment upon our property rights, he’s also the most qualified candidate to be successful in such a fight.

Sid Miller’s record is long and by far the most conservative of those running for Agriculture Commissioner; his vow to protect his fellow farmers and ranchers and rural Texas from government abuse is genuine, and; Sid Miller knows how to work the legislature to deliver on his commitments.

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