Just received the new “Fiscal Notes” from the Texas Comptroller, which is this month highlighting the growth of small business in Texas. The number of self-employed Texans rose 2 percent last year, while self-employed Americans overall dropped 2 percent.

There are also 449,681 “small-employer” firms in Texas.

Of course, the bad economy didn’t completely pass anyone by. Even though there were all these new businesses opening, there was also an increase in business closings and bankruptcies.

Some other economic tidbits from August 2008 to August 2009:

  • The Consumer Price Index (inflation) has stayed lower in Texas than nationally.
  • CPI dropped also 2.1% in Texas, and 1.5% nationally.
  • National foreclosures rose 18%, but the Texas rate went up just 3.6%.
  • Texas’ sales tax collections are down 4.4%.
  • Home sales have dropped 4.8%.

    The publication can be found online at www.fiscalnotes.com.