The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Fred Hill (R-Richardson) isn’t seeking re-election. This is welcome news for Texas taxpayers, according to the president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.

Michael Quinn Sullivan said today that Fred Hill was the chief opponent to significant property tax appraisal reform efforts during the recently concluded legislative session, and Hill was an outspoken critic of efforts to restrict the unchecked growth of local government.

“I think Mr. Hill saw that there is significant concern among voters in the 112th district and around the state about his record opposing meaningful tax reform and property tax burden relief,” Sullivan said. “TFR has been talking to his constituents during and since the legislative session, encouraging them to express their concerns to his office. While we should all be thankful for anyone who is willing to serve in elected office, Mr. Hill’s service has come at a steep price to Texas taxpayers.

Sullivan said anti-tax-reform incumbents should recognize that efforts to stymie relief are not popular with taxpayers.

“This represents the perfect opportunity for the taxpayers and voters in Richardson and Garland to choose a pro-tax-relief candidate, who will represent the needs of homeowners and taxpayers in the Texas Legislature,” added Sullivan.


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