Potter County officials may have spent too much time researching the object of their latest desire. Exposure to heavy fumes is the only way one can reasonably explain the purchase of $450 per gallon paint.

Potter County commissioners instructed Facilities Director Mike Head to prepare a sample of a special epoxy paint they are considering for use in the County’s ongoing courthouse restoration project. The total hit to the budget for this paint totals $22,000.

The lone voice of reason and opposition to the measure came from sitting Commissioner Joe Kirkwood.

Though the paint may have the potential to last 30 years does not mean it will. Vandalism, changing tastes and destruction of the courthouse in part or whole by natural disaster rank amongst the things this paint will stand no chance against.

County governments statewide have fought tooth and nail against spending restraint, claiming excessive spending is only the result of legislative mandate. While sometimes true, all too often local government excess is locally grown.

This is a tremendous waste of taxpayer resources and serves as yet another example of a government unconcerned by the economic woes of those struggling to pay the bills.

Amarillo.com article

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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