Tarrant County Commissioners voted to block funding for an organization that has openly supported woke ideology and advocated against pro-life laws.

On Tuesday, commissioners were asked to allocate $115,334 in state grants for a “progressive” non-profit organization called Girls Inc. Commissioners moved to reject the contract in a 3-2 vote, with the two Democrat commissioners—Alisa Simmons and Roy Brooks—voting for the contract.

The three who voted to reject funding for Girls Inc. said they were concerned about the messaging put on display by the national organization. 

Notably, the Girls Inc. of Tarrant County’s webpage states that the group doesn’t exclude “transgender” girls from its programs.

In one post on the national Girls Inc. X account, the group recognized “Bisexuality Visibility Day.” Another post shared their celebration of LGBT “Pride Month,” saying, “Pride is everyday.”

The organization also supports abortion. In one post, Girls Inc. said they believe that “reproductive healthcare, including contraception and abortion services, should be available and accessible to all women.” 

Additionally, Girls Inc. posted a blog on its website expressing outrage over Texas’ Heartbeat bill, which made it illegal to perform an abortion once a child’s heartbeat is detected:

Reproductive freedom is essential for young women to take charge of key areas of their lives, including their health, education, career, and overall economic security. Anti-choice bills like the recent Texas S.B. 8 and others across the country disproportionately affect already marginalized groups in the communities we serve. Therefore Girls Inc. will continue to advocate for the rights and dignity of girls and to push back on policies and practices that seek to limit their control of their own lives.

In another blog post, the organization blasted the Texas Legislature for introducing legislation protecting women from men competing in their sports. Despite pushback, Gov. Greg Abbott signed the “Save Women’s Sports Act” in August. 

Board Chair for Girls Inc. of Tarrant County, Brittany Christian, spoke at the meeting. 

Christian said she shared commissioners’ concerns with the stances made by the national organization and has voted to reject their advocacy platforms. She also asserted that the national organization does not influence the local group. 

However, many citizens were still concerned with Tarrant County funding Girls Inc.

Leigh Wambsgaans refuted Christian’s comments, saying, “you cannot separate the two,” adding that the “county would be responsible for supporting that national agenda” if the commissioners voted to continue granting money to the organization.  

Another resident also spoke out against the funding, highlighting Girls Inc.’s stance on allowing men in women’s sports. 

“As far as Girls Inc., where were they whenever we had a man on a woman’s swim team?” asked Sheila Clemmons. “Where are they when we have men on track running against women? The thing is, is Girls Inc. really for the girls, or are they for an agenda?”

Fort Worth activist Carlos Turcios was also in attendance at the meeting. He told Texas Scorecard that he is thankful to the commissioners who rejected funding for Girls Inc. 

“Girls Inc. has no right to use taxpayers’ money to push anti-biblical positions. Girls Inc promotes Transgenderism and the insane idea that men can get periods. Transgenderism is an artificially engineered ideology designed to create permanent patients for the pharmaceutical industry. Girls Inc. promoted Abortion and even Black Lives Matter. I hope other counties will follow Tarrant’s lead and stop funding Girls Inc.”

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.