UPDATE: This article has been updated since publication to include comment from Fort Worth ISD.

As students begin their summer break, Tarrant County GOP Chair Bo French is calling out Fort Worth Independent School District’s use of radical left-wing training materials for teachers. 

In a series of posts to the social media platform X, French revealed Fort Worth ISD’s contracts and payment receipts showing that the district paid for teacher training from “Learning for Justice,” a project from the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

According to French, Learning for Justice’s materials instruct teachers to hide the preferred sexual and gender identities of their students from their parents. They also encourage teachers to “bring LGBTQ role models and public figures into the classroom” to promote LGBT identities and “pride” parades. 

The materials list a number of LGBT books that children are encouraged to read, including books for elementary-aged students. The books include Gay and Lesbian History for Kids, Heather Has Two Mommies, and Who are You? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity.

According to the materials, Fort Worth ISD also worked with another far-left organization called “Blurring the Binary,” a group that works to bring transgender ideology into classrooms. It was founded by Texas teacher Melanie Stapleton who co-founded “(Trans)position”—an organization that aims to support gender-confused music educators.

Documents obtained by French show that Fort Worth ISD paid Stapleton to teach a “Blurring the Binary” training for teachers in the district. Instructions in the training suggest teachers and students should “develop a plan” for what the teacher should call the student in front of parents to hide their “transition.” 

Lastly, French revealed another training for teachers which said that “Queer inclusion must be a tenet of K-12 education.” In the slideshow presented, it recommended that students learn about LGBT “Heroes” like Harvey Milk—a notorious pedophile who is known for having multiple sexual relationships with minor boys. 

“We continue to uncover radical, anti-parent, anti-science training taking place in FWISD. One recent revelation is the FWISD using material from Learning for Justice, a product of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a known radical leftist organization,” French told The Dallas Express. “They encourage teachers to conceal the ‘gender identity’ of students from their parents. So instead of teaching important subjects, teachers are engaging in unscientific role play fantasies with kids, and then hiding it from parents.

“We don’t want schools sexualizing our kids,” he added.  

Fort Worth ISD told Texas Scorecard that, “the Learning for Justice curriculum, formerly known as Teaching Tolerance, and materials from the Southern Poverty Law Center are not currently in use, nor do we have any record of them ever having been purchased by our district.”

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.