Delivering on campaign commitments to prioritize citizens’ concerns about the security of elections, Tarrant County officials launched an Election Integrity Task Force to investigate and prosecute voter fraud and other election code violations.

“We want everyone to know we take election integrity seriously in Tarrant County,” said County Judge Tim O’Hare at a press conference Wednesday to announce the new task force.

O’Hare was joined by Tarrant County’s Sheriff Bill Waybourn and District Attorney Phil Sorrells.

“We intend to pursue any complaint regarding election issues where there is evidence or probable cause that a crime has been committed,” Waybourn said.

“We’re out to find the truth,” he added. “If that clears people, we want to clear them as well.”

The task force will use existing resources and personnel, including investigators from the sheriff’s office and a prosecuting attorney from the DA’s office.

“During my campaign, I promised that this would be part of my administration,” Sorrells said. “I’m here to make good on that promise.”

O’Hare called the task force a good government initiative that will increase voters’ confidence in the election process.

“We owe it to our citizens to make sure they know that their vote counts, that their vote is secure, and to make sure we do everything that we can to have fair and secure elections,” he said.

Both O’Hare and Sorrells, who were elected to office last November, campaigned on creating more resources for investigating and prosecuting election crimes in Tarrant County.

All three of the officials are Republicans but said protecting elections is a nonpartisan issue.

“This is not a Democrat or Republican thing,” Waybourn said. “It is making sure all the citizens are served well.”

“This task force gives our citizens a place to go when they have complaints in regards to election violations,” he added.

Citizens can submit information to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 817-884-1213.

Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson is a Senior Journalist for Texas Scorecard, reporting on state and local issues, events, and government actions that impact people in communities throughout Texas and the DFW Metroplex. A native Texan, Erin grew up in the Houston area and now lives in Collin County.