As so-called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices continue to be revealed in various government institutions, the Tarrant County Republican Party passed a resolution calling for an end to DEI policies in all taxpayer-funded institutions. 

The county party’s executive committee, made up of locally elected precinct chairs, unanimously passed the resolution at their January 11 meeting. 

Carlos Turcios, the precinct chair who authored the resolution, called DEI “a poison in the mindset of the younger generations, and a poison to Texas and America.” 

He said DEI promotes diversity hires, which discriminate against white Americans, Asian Americans, and other racial groups that do not fit within an “oppressed minority” class. 

The resolution also points out that DEI, through a Critical Race Theory (CRT) lens, “promotes anti-white racism as it argues that white Americans are the reason why discrepancies in GDP per capita, education level, wealth and other areas exist between white Americans and other racial groups.” The resolution says this deteriorates race relations. 

“DEI poses a threat to the unitary stability of Texas and the United States as it goes against color blindness and equal protection under the law. It poses a threat to future generations of white Americans or any racial group with lighter skin color as they are antagonized and dehumanized, which can lead to rights being stripped away, systematic oppression, and tyranny, as seen throughout history,” reads the resolution. 

The county encourages other Republican Party county executive committees, auxiliaries, and conservative groups to join the call to end DEI practices in taxpayer-funded institutions and pass similar resolutions across the state. 

Turcios, a 22-year-old conservative activist in Fort Worth, told Texas Scorecard he wrote the resolution in hopes that laws will be passed to eliminate DEI practices in all taxpayer-funded institutions, not just government schools and universities. 

“I used to be in a DEI committee in high school. I know what their plan is and how they think. It’s a conspiracy for power; it divides us, and pits the white American as the scapegoat for all evils,” he added. 

Texas Scorecard has covered multiple incidents where taxpayer-funded institutions have promoted DEI policies. 

One investigation exposed the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) for discussing DEI practices and using taxpayer dollars to fund DEI-related events and training programs. 

TxDOT also used taxpayer dollars to pay DEI employees salaries as high as $189,739 to give and attend presentations or classes based on DEI practices and principles. 

Following the investigation, the department reportedly temporarily slowed down its DEI push. However, the whistleblower later revealed that TxDOT officials were still pushing DEI practices on their employees. 

Texas Scorecard also reported on K-12 Austin government schools teaching children DEI principles. Teachers were exposed for saying that despite Texas’ CRT ban, they still implement DEI and CRT principles in their lessons. 

Furthermore, after a new state law took effect that required all public colleges and universities to dissolve any internal DEI programs, multiple universities across Texas are attempting to skirt the law by changing the names or moving the departments around and plan to continue their commitment to DEI principles. 

State Sen. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), who authored the DEI ban, responded to university attempts to circumvent the law, saying that if universities fail to adhere to the new law, the Texas Senate may consider university funding clawbacks.

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.