Republican candidate for Texas’ 13th Congressional District and retired Navy Admiral Ronny Jackson recently drew the attention of former Obama administration officials.

Last week, Jackson released a statement entitled “Democrats Don’t Care About the Rule of Law, They Only Care About Power,” which in part attacked then-President Barack Obama’s administration for allegedly spying on President Trump and his supporters during the 2016 election. Jackson’s comments from this statement and a previous tweet drew attention from the national press and, in turn, criticism from former Obama administration officials.

Following his statements on social media, Jackson immediately drew a barrage of pushback from supporters of President Obama and former Obama administration officials, such as Jon Favreau, the former White House director of speechwriting, who criticized Jackson for attacking the former president. 

Tommy Vietor, the former National Security Council spokesperson for President Obama, also took to social media to express his disapproval with Jackson, calling the candidate’s comments “truly shameful.” 

Former U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus also expressed his disapproval of Jackson’s comments on social media, accusing Jackson of losing his morals in criticizing President Obama.

In a statement to the Texas Scorecard, Jackson said he is proud to stand with President Trump and shared his advice for Democrats.

“I’m proud to be the ONLY candidate in this race endorsed by President Trump,” Jackson wrote. “Democrats love to preach about tolerance and inclusivity unless it goes against their anti-Trump agenda. Weaponizing the federal government to punish political opponents is wrong,” he further concluded. 

“If Democrats and Obama-loyalists want to attack me for standing up for the rule of law, then so be it. I served 25 years in the United States Navy. My commitment to this country is indisputable. My advice to Democrats: quit the political theater, re-open the economy, and let’s get Texans back to work.”

Jackson served as White House physician under President Trump before entering the race in District 13. The former physician earned his spot in the Republican runoff after besting 13 other candidates. Jackson is set to face former lobbyist Josh Winegarner in the July 14 Republican primary runoff for the seat. The winner of the runoff will face either Democrat Gus Trujillo or Greg Sagan and Libertarian Jack B. Westbrook in November.

Thomas Warren

Thomas Warren, III is the editor-in-chief of the Amarillo Pioneer newspaper in Amarillo, Texas.


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