The Texas Department of Public Safety has announced the capture of six illegal aliens by troopers after a high-speed pursuit in Maverick County.

In a statement on X, Lieutenant Chris Olivarez said that the smuggler, also an illegal alien, was transporting five additional illegal aliens when he drove a Ford F-250 through a ranch fence during the chase, escaping DPS troopers in a brushy area. The smuggler continued to ram through five more ranch fences while trying to evade DPS Aircraft.

According to Olivarez, the illegal aliens fled the vehicle to hide in the brush. DPS Aircraft, U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback, and the DPS Brush Team later captured and arrested all six illegal aliens.

Carlos Alberto Urbina Miralda, an illegal alien from Mexico, faces multiple charges, including five counts of smuggling of persons. The other five illegal aliens also face several charges.

One of the illegal aliens, Nestor Farid Garcia Morales of Mexico, had six outstanding warrants from Wisconsin.

In a related social media post last week, the Texas DPS spokesperson issued an update for Maverick County, stating that Troopers arrested 131 illegal aliens that “included 80 males and 51 females from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.”

Troopers also found three unaccompanied male children from Honduras who “had a note with an address in Baltimore.”

On Tuesday, Olivarez spoke to Fox News about President Biden’s recent executive order to address the border crisis. He explained that while border crossings are down since the executive order, it was “all politics” and that “the American people are well aware of what has taken place.”

Olivarez asked why President Biden took action now when border policies were in place on day one of the new administration. He said, “Questions need to be raised from the families and victims that have been victimized by criminal illegal immigrants that have been released into the country.”

As previously reported by Texas Scorecard, Todd Bensman, a Senior National Security Fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies, explained the drop in illegal entry into the United States as stemming from current efforts by Mexico. It is also unclear whether the measures taken by Mexico’s central government to slow border crossings will continue after the November election.

For many Republican voters, the border crisis remains a top concern. With 1.5 million illegal alien encounters at the border in 2024, which includes ISIS terrorists and MS-13 gang members, the Texas GOP has made border enforcement a priority, approving four legislative goals during the party’s convention in May.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, a joint effort by Texas DPS and the Texas National Guard that began in 2021, has led to over 500,000 apprehensions of aliens and 44,000 arrests since 2021.

Debra McClure

Debra McClure is a contract writer for Texas Scorecard. She is also a former teacher.