Conservative students in Texas are stirring up controversy after holding an event illustrating that their beliefs aren’t welcome on college campuses.

Recently, Texas State University’s Young Conservatives of Texas chapter organized a “Conservative Coming Out Day” intended to highlight how hard coming out as a conservative is in the current campus climate. With a Polaroid camera and a door frame, YCT members encouraged students who felt the need to suppress their beliefs to “come out” as a conservative to walk through the door and have their photo taken while doing so.

Organizers held two posters: one with photos of those that “came out” as conservative and another with anonymous tallies showcasing the amount of students who feared going public with their political beliefs.

As expected, the backlash was almost instantaneous. The tolerant left stood in front of YCT’s table and blocked their display from view, hindering photos from being taken. Instead of engaging in dialogue, protesters screamed mindlessly at YCT members, denying them an opportunity to respond.

When one bystander asked for an explanation of the event and then relayed that description to a protestor, their response was, “No, that’s not true. They’re lying to you.”

The protest grew from an individual to a crowd. Dozens of Texas State students gathered around the stallions and sat in protest of the Coming Out Day event. A crowd also converged around the table and some protestors taped a sign onto the door that read, “This door opens for Bull$#^!”

The response to this event was standard practice for the left. Instead of debate, the majority retaliated with personal insults, furthering the point of the YCT members. As always, the tolerant left proved one thing: if you are a conservative on a college campus, expect hostility.

Keeley Dorman

Keeley Dorman is a Sophomore at Texas State University in San Marcos studying Political Science. She is an active member and leader in the Conservative movement at Texas State, holding positions in both Young Conservatives of Texas and Turning Point USA. Keeley served as an Intern/ Legislative Aide in the Texas House during the 85th Legislative session and interned with a conservative political consulting firm before the Primaries. Keeley enjoys camping, road trips and hiking with her dog, Sully.