Despite parents’ requests to move two sexually explicit books from the teen section to the adult section, the Tyler Public Library maintains that one of the books in question belongs in the teen section.

Two sexually explicit books, “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and “Out of Darkness,” were placed in the young adult section, which is meant for minors between the ages of 14 to 17.

Out of Darkness” depicts sexual abuse—including rape—between a stepfather and underage stepdaughter, as well as other sexually explicit scenes.

All Boys Aren’t Blue” tells the story of LGBT activist George M. Johnson. The book goes into detail about the sexual trauma Johnson experienced as a child at the hands of a relative and his sexual encounters as a young adult.

After these books were placed in the young adult section of the Tyler Public Library, many parents demanded the books be placed in the adult section due their sexually explicit nature.

“I don’t believe this should be a political issue. I think regardless of your political persuasion, if you’re a good parent, you don’t want to see materials like this in the hands of your children,” said one citizen.

During the board meeting earlier this week, the library board heard testimonies from citizens. The board ultimately elected to keep “All Boys Aren’t Blue” in the young adult section and move “Out of Darkness” into the adult section.

One citizen maintained that “All Boys Aren’t Blue” belongs in the adult section, saying, “There is no safe sex for children. There is no reason for the Tyler Library Board to demand that children be exposed to this pornography!”

In response to the decision, State Republican Executive Committeewoman Christin Bentley said, “I don’t see really any rhyme or reason to that because both books have sexually explicit content. But they both should’ve been moved to the adult section.”

The Tyler Public Library board is appointed by the Tyler City Council.

Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes is a fellow at Texas Scorecard and student at Concordia University of Texas, where he is in the Pre-Seminary program. He is passionate about theology and gun rights topics.