This article has been updated since publication to reflect that the statute is 18 feet tall

A commemoration of occult child sacrifice is coming to Texas’ largest city. More shocking, it’s scheduled to appear at an institution subsidized by Texans’ tax dollars.

According to Texas Right to Life, the idol, called “Witness,” will be shown on the University of Houston’s Cullen Family plaza.

The eighteen foot tall statue, which depicts a naked woman with goat horns for hair and tentacles for arms, also has a lace collar around the neck. It is intended as a tribute to deceased pro-abortion U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

The figure’s features could be a reference to the pagan demon Ashteroth (also known as “Aphrodite” or “Venus”).

As author Jonathan Cahn explained in Return of the Gods, Ashteroth was “the goddess of sexuality. It was because of that connection that the planet Venus is associated with love. She was also the goddess of war and destruction. She was fiery, impetuous, impulsive, greedy, emotional, demanding, stormy, fierce, carnal, driven to rage, romantic, vindictive, full of unbridled passion, insatiable sexual desire, and boundless pride. If denied the object of her desires or if offended, she would become vengeful and violent and could wreak havoc and destruction.”

“She was the goddess of prostitution,” Cahn continued. “The prostitutes of ancient Mesopotamia looked to her as their patron and protector.”

The idol is currently scheduled for display from February 28 to October 31.

Executive Director and Chief Curator of Public Art at the University of Houston Dr. Maria C. Gaztambide praised the decision to host the statute in Houston:

With Havah…to breathe, air, life, Shahzia demonstrates how justice is conceptually and actively vibrant across cultures and genders. And yet, while the necessity of justice is universal, it is often blindly applied. Shahzia brings to the fore the imbalances of gender and race through this exceptional work. We are proud to join forces with Madison Square Park in bringing it to fruition, while amplifying its reach beyond New York City.

The University of Houston is overseen by a board of regents appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott and confirmed by the Texas Senate.

Concerned Texans may contact the UH board of regents at (832) 824-3444 or via e-mail at

Adam Cahn

Adam is a longtime conservative activist and an avid UT and Yankees fan.