It’s not good enough to this Democrat administration that Texas administers generous welfare programs. No, Obama’s agriculture department is on the attack against Texas because we don’t put people on the food stamp dole fast enough.

The latest in this offensive against Texas comes from William Ludwig, a regional administrator for the department of agriculture’s welfare service called the food and nutrition service. Ludwig has told media that Texas needs a Food Stamp Czar. He said Texas needs “a controller who’s responsible for fixing this problem, and that would be their sole job.”

The problem to which Ludwig refers? Texas was not able to process 41.4% of food stamp applications in September in under thirty days.

Aside from the obvious objections to this as a conservative, let me point out that the recession hit Texas much later than the rest of the country and thus, it is not surprising that a new surge in applications would hit now and slow down the processing rate.

What the libs are actually pushing for is a less lean state welfare administrative apparatus so that everything can be done within ideal time frames during the peaks in work load. Sounds good until you realize that staffing permanently for peak work demand means you end up with a bloated, do-little workforce at all other times.

Sounds like how certain other states, which are now in severe budget crisis, have been doing things – not exactly a government staffing model that is wise to adopt.

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