After officially filing for a place on the Republican Primary ballot seeking the Party’s nomination for Texas Governor, Greg Abbott is reported by the Texas Tribune to have said: “Texas is not ready to go down the pathway of this ultra-Washington, D.C., California-style liberalism that Wendy Davis represents. If Texans want to keep Texas conservative, keep creating jobs, improve education opportunities for the children of this state, they need to elect Greg Abbott as their next governor.”

Wendy Davis also filed for her liberal-party’s nomination on Saturday and is reported by the Texas Tribune to have said: “It’s time for a governor who believes that you don’t have to buy a place in Texas’ future. Insider deals, special-interest tax breaks, favors for political cronies — that’s not how we ought to be doing business in Texas.”

These are odd remarks from a state senator who has a history of questionable ethical issues such as carrying legislation directly benefiting clients that have paid her for representation through her law firm.* I’m sure we’ll be reminded of her very specific pay-to-play cronyism when next fall rolls around should she be the Democrat nominee for guv.

In remarks on the campaign trail in the Rio Grande Valley Davis made it clear that she’s little more than a huge-government, womb-to-the-tomb liberal – that is if she and her ilk let a child live to get out of the womb! Davis made an issue of how our future as individuals is all dependent upon having government as our partner.** No mention of families, just the idea that government should partner with us to somehow give us opportunities in life.

Based on what Davis has already expressed, I’d say that Abbott has it right that she represents “California-style liberalism” and sadly, that’s just what Democrats want in Texas.


* Davis’ Legal Work At Issue in Senate Race; Shelton Requests Criminal Investigation of Davis and NTTA; DMN Editorial: NTTA must button down conflicts
** “…to receive the same kind of partnership from the state that I once received so that they too can become a part of the success of Texas.”

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