There must be are two men named Delwin Jones. One campaigns in Lubbock as a conservative. The other legislates in Austin like a liberal.

His hometown paper helps keep up the myth, by failing to mention his voting record, just his campaign promises that aren’t kept. The editors say Republicans should keep Delwin because he is “controlling the excessive growth of state government” by “blocking bills that could add to taxpayers’ burden.”

Who? Delwin Jones voted to give liberals a spending spree on the House floor. He also voted to kill a $2.5 billion property tax cut, by turning it into a $4.4 billion spending increase. Oh, and he voted to levy a granny tax…

The list goes on and on. Delwin is no more a conservative than the liberals at the Lubbock A-J who defend him. But they know their readers, and his voters, are – so they talk the talk, and hope Lubbock is too far from Austin for voters to see his walk.