After reviewing footage of an “all-ages” drag show that took place at Tulips Fort Worth, the venue’s landlord announced they will no longer allow “all-ages” drag shows to be hosted there.

The footage revealed a man in skimpy women’s clothes performing at an “all-ages” drag show with his legs spread open, exposing his crotch to children.

This coverage was provided by independent journalist Tayler Hansen.

Sara Gonzales, executive director of Defend Our Kids Texas, attempted to attend and expose the event as well, but she was identified and rejected at the door.

During a speech, one performer thanked the LGBT activists for “applying pressure” to prevent Gonzales from attending the event.

He then continued his speech by encouraging audience members to continue “applying pressure” and “defending LGBT rights.”

The video showed parents handing their children cash and pressuring them to get close to the cross-dressing performers to give the cash to them, strip club-style.

One performer verbally acknowledged the children in the room during a speech, apologizing for cursing at that moment, then laughing about it. The audience joined in laughter. However, the children’s presence did not stop the performers from their sexually charged performances and use of crude language.

“We have to defend our rights, and we’re progressing back to a time where we weren’t allowed to be who we are,” said one performer. He then went on to reference an increase in school shootings, saying people should be more concerned about that “more important” matter.

This event took place just hours after a transgender shooter killed six people a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee; however, the performer did not even mention the shooting. Instead, he said other people, businesses, and families should “be protecting us.”

Footage of the “all-ages” drag show was shared with the venue’s landlord, who informed Gonzales that Tulips will no longer be open to hosting “all-ages” drag shows.

Austin Griesinger, the policy director of Texas Family Project, told Texas Scorecard that while TFP was disappointed the event took place with children in attendance, they are thankful the landlord of Tulips acted accordingly after the footage was published.

“This victory would not have happened if not for passionate and concerned citizens and parents taking action,” said Griesinger.

Earlier this month, the Texas Senate moved to ban drag shows that target children. The legislation passed through the Senate and will face an uncertain future in the Texas House of Representatives.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.