In the wake of the soon-to-be-signed legislation banning child gender mutilation, the head of the Children’s Medical Center Dallas’ Gender Education and Care, Interdisciplinary Support (GENECIS) clinic, has announced her plans to move to California.

Dr. Ximena Lopez partnered with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center to open GENECIS in 2014 and has since gained a large patient intake. The clinic provides physicians, pediatricians, psychologists, and endocrinologists to gender-confused children.

Instead of promoting a way to regulate gender dysphoria, Lopez’ clinic ignores the mental disorder and encourages permanently damaging procedures under the guise of “gender-affirming care.”

Lopez directs the prescription of puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy to patients at the clinic, all of which are children.

Previously facing very little pushback in regards to her work, Lopez said since she has noticed a “threat to care” since 2017 as lawmakers began filing legislation to protect children from these mutilative procedures.

“It’s really been the last four or five years that the threat to care has been growing exponentially, to the point where it’s just too much for everybody,” said Lopez.

She even called the efforts to ban procedures targeting children’s gender “heartbreaking.”

Late last year, Lopez filed a lawsuit against her clinic’s parent company, the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, for forcing her to shut down operations to new patients.

However, Lopez’ lawsuit was put off until this year, and a judge ordered the CMCD to reopen the clinic and its services to new patients in the meantime.

“This is lifesaving care,” Lopez said. In response to the passing of legislation to protect children from gender mutilation procedures, she added, “It’s like denying care to somebody who has cancer. You can save their life with chemotherapy, but you’re going to tell them, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t do this.’ That’s how it will feel.”

After several delays, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 14 by State Sen. Donna Campbell (R–New Braunfels) earlier this month. Once signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, this legislation will effectively ban procedures causing damage or mutilation to children’s bodies as part of the “transgender care” practice.

Children will be legally protected from being chemically castrated by puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and from receiving mutilative surgeries to “transition” them.

In response to the inevitable signing of this legislation into law, Lopez announced she will be moving from Dallas to California to continue her mutilative practices on children where it’s still legal.

Some companies that previously provided “transitional assistance” to children, including Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin and Texas Children’s Hospital, are under investigation by the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

Several hospital staff members who had performed child gender mutilation surgeries or provided such medication have recently “departed” from their respective workplaces to protect themselves from further investigations or legal issues.

Meanwhile, leftist groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas have announced plans to sue Abbott so they can continue damaging children’s bodies.

While Abbott has not yet signed this bill into law, he has signaled his intent to do so.

“This is about protecting children,” Abbott told Fox. “A person under the age of 18, they don’t have the mental capacity to make a life-changing decision to lose their sex organs.”

Neither Lopez nor CMCD specified their plans for the GENECIS clinic, and its chances of staying open and allowing gender “transition” services to children remain uncertain.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.