An “all-ages” drag event titled Beauty and the Bingo exposed multiple children in Princeton, Texas, to explicit speeches, performances, and costumes.

The event, which was streamed on Facebook, took place at a city community center that was formerly a church. The drag bingo was designated as a fundraiser for “an upcoming June pride event for children that is scheduled to be held at a Princeton ISD High School.”

Sara Gonzales, the executive director of Defend Our Kids Texas, recorded as much of the event as possible before she was kicked out.

Gonzales’ video shows that most of the performers were clad in stripper heels and bodysuits cheeky enough to resemble thongs.

One of the performers, a bearded man in a stripper costume, raised his beer to propose a toast. “I’m gonna do a quick little cheers that I normally do,” he said. “I mean, I know there’s little babies here, but close your ears.” The statement drew laughter from the crowd.

“This is just a tradition that all shows normally do, so raise your glasses,” he continued. “Cheers to you, cheers to me. Cheers to those who lick us where we pee.”

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen reminded viewers in a tweet of a similar toast at a recent “all-ages” drag show at BuzzBrews in Dallas.

“What is up with Drag Queens making toasts to ‘those who lick us where we pee’ in front of children?” Hansen demanded. “This happened at the BuzzBrews ‘All Ages’ show as well.”

At the “child-friendly” BuzzBrews event, Democrat lawmakers were present and cheered along to the toast.

During one performance, another crossdressing man took the cash he had received in strip club-style tips and tossed the bundle into the air. Immediately, several children ran up to pick the money up from the ground.

The children’s actions received a shoutout from the announcer: “Thank you to all our little helpers running up here picking up her money.”

“That right there is our future: respect,” he continued.

Antifa affiliates were stationed outside the church-turned-community center to “guard” the event from protestors. Meanwhile, other counter-protestors stood with the antifa members, one bearing a sign that read, “My children are safe(r) with a drag queen than a Catholic priest or Baptist minister.

Led by Protect Texas Kids, grassroots activists gathered in front of the community center to protest the event, document the scene outside, and expose the depravity.

“Princeton, Texas… I hope you’re proud of yourself!” said president of Texas Family Project, Chris Hopper. “I was hoping that the lackluster phenomenon of depraved, perverted, grown men twerking for kids was a sordid fad that would fade sooner rather than later. Well, Texans, it has happened again. And, yet again, with seemingly no concern for the minors in the room, the gross chaos continues. You would think by now that there would be a great awareness among parents that this is extremely damaging to the minds of young kids. Grown perverts talking to kids about where they pee from was the topic of conversation, but I guess there’s nothing to see here.”

“Parents, wake up!” Hopper continued. “I’m sick and tired of seeing these scantily clad creeps dancing and receiving tips from kids every week all across the Lone Star State as if nothing is wrong. What makes this disease worse is that only a small handful of champions in the Texas House have the intestinal fortitude to address this issue. ‘Disappointment’ is not a strong enough word. We are seeing a bunch of weak and bought-off RINOs fail time and time again. Do better.”

“Tayler and I will not stop until this is illegal in the state of Texas,” Gonzales announced on Twitter.

Legislation has been filed in the Texas House that would prevent children from attending “all-ages” drag shows.

Concerned citizens may use Texas Scorecard’s Elected Officials Directory to ask their elected representative how they plan to vote on such legislation.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.