Tax Dollar Spending Zone

Travis County Commissioners are doing their best to make sure taxpayers aren’t stuck paying the bill for county employees’ parking and toll violations.

What Were They Thinking?

What Were They Thinking?

At a Sunset Advisory Commission meeting last week, Republican senators Kim Brimer (Fort Worth), Craig Estes (Wichita Fallas) and Bob Deuell (Greenville) and Representative Lois Kolkhorst (Brenham) sided with liberals in calling for a return to the bad-old-days of heavy-handed government regulation. Such efforts would only restrict the marketplace, hike prices and limit availability.

Wrong Change

If you like the current property tax system, love illegal immigration and think the government should get much bigger, the Fort Worth Star Telegram is in your corner, promoting the “change” candidacy of far-left Democrat Chris Turner against conservative stalwart Bill Zedler.

Solid Gold

When Allen Vaught accidentally became the state representative for House District 107, everyone knew it would be a huge loss for taxpayers there and statewide. His term in office has only served to prove everyone right. The incumbent, conservative Bill Keffer, was the collateral damage in voters’ repudiation of county-level and national Republican leaders.

Reformer versus Slumlord

Voters in Houston’s House District 149 have a clear choice: a proven reformer versus a slumlord. HISD school board member Greg Meyers is taking on incumbent Hubert Vo this November, and taxpayers statewide are watching the race with interest.

Don’t Like the Taxpayer-Funded Hotel? Sign Up Against It

Do you think the City of Dallas should check in with voters before spending $550 million on a government-owned convention center hotel? If so, you can find out how to sign the petition that would amend the City Charter to prevent the hotel by going to

Bail-Out Sell-Out

Few things are more disgusting than having our principles sold-out by our political leaders. Make no mistake, the proposed federal “bail-out” of the credit market is a sell-out of our fundamental beliefs about freedom and the role of government. The action will burden us with debt and, worse, create horrific precedent for generations to come.

Saving Big

One small section of legislation is making big waves in the world of state finance. Thanks to House Bill 3560, passed in 2007, taxpayers are saving millions this year by consolidating procurement for items big and small. The driving force behind it is our state comptroller, Susan Combs, and she’s hoping the system will quickly translate into even bigger savings for local government.

A Doctor In The House

Mark Shelton is a pretty easy fellow to find — just look for all the activity in House District 97, and chances are he’s in the middle of it. A pediatrician, Shelton is a man constantly on the go — setting a high standard for the kind of constituent services he’ll provide once elected to the Texas House.

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