Did You Know Texas Cities Can Tax Leased Cars?

Even we have trouble keeping up with all the different taxes and fees and today we learned that a 2001 law passed by the Legislature allows Texas cities to impose property taxes on leased cars. The Galveston Daily News reports that League City collects $243 per year on a car appraised at $40,000, but that they may repeal the tax at tomorrow’s Council meeting.

A Mouse In A Cheese Factory

Too many politicians, including those claiming to be conservatives, try to impress taxpayers with the increased activity of government. Conservative activist Chuck Ellis recently commented on the big-spending ways of his local government officials, but the same could be said of lawmakers up and down the political food chain.

Impacting City Spending

Not only did the Empower Texans PAC help elect conservative Ralph Sheffield and defeat Martha “the Taxer” Tyroch, but we turned the spotlight on unchecked spending that allowed Tyroch to frivolously waste taxpayer dollars on fancy hotel suites, gifts and booze. Now, thanks to our work (and her excess), the Temple City Council is looking to change their policies. This welcome news for taxpayers in Bell County… And should be replicated around the state.

A Bad Idea Turns Into A Nightmare

Businesses around the state are only now learning how much they are going to have to fork over to Austin under the new business tax — which is due one month from today. The picture isn’t pretty and the results could be disastrous; which translates into lost jobs.

Deadly Miles

Soon-to-be-former State Rep. Borris Miles has been indicted on charges of “deadly conduct” according to the Houston Chronicle. This is the fine fellow who waved a gun at a party he wasn’t invited to, kissed another man’s wife without permission, and generally has been behaving in a thuggish manner. Boris makes fellow Houston Democrat Hubert Vo look like an upstanding citizen!

Mr. Vo’s Neighborhood

No one wants to be called a slumlord; bad for business. It’s worse when it’s the local paper. And it’s disastrous when said slumlord is a state representative. Of course, since Hubert Vo’s voting record is as ramshackle as the properties he owns, let’s hope voters choose to evict him in November.

Texas Fire Hydrant Imbroglio: Common Sense in Government Has Been Extinguished

Last session the Legislature passed a law requiring all fire hydrants with a flow of less than 250 gallons per minute be painted black to avoid hook-ups to inoperative hydrants, but now the Green Valley Special Utility District has decided to paint all of its hydrants black because it cannot guarantee this flow level, even citing the possibility of a terrorist attack that could make it liable for

Money To Plan On

How much planning can you do with $1.7 million? And does any of it matter? The Texas Planning Assistance Grant Program is giving away that much of your money to 19 local “councils of government.” What is a council of government? They allegedly exist to facilitate intergovernmental cooperation and planning. What do they do? Spend your money.

Liberal Babble Makes Us Poor

Liberals are always looking for anything they can dress up as “facts” to fit the left-wing social-engineering schemes they’ve been promoting for decades. No different is a “study” released by two leftist activist groups that claims Texas has one of the worst “income gaps” in the nation… And their solution to close the gap is to kill the economy. Are there poor in Texas? Someone once said there will always be poor among us. But in Texas, the poor have great opportunities to be poor no more.

Shaheen’s Message Carries Day

Earlier this week we introduced Matt Shaheen, a strong conservative running for county commissioner in Collin County. He makes a persuasive case for why conservatives must be involved in local government. He made the case so well that he defeated an incumbent.

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