Daily Headlines
Daily Headlines
09/18/23 What's Next After Impeachment


-A divide has grown bigger between the Texas House and Senate following AG Ken Paxton’s acquittal on all impeachment charges.

-One of the impeachment ringleaders faces backlash in his own district.

-Another government school employee was involved in an alleged sexual assault on a student.



Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Gets DOXXED

-House Impeachment Managers dox Paxton family weeks after his acquittal. -Sheriffs express concern as illegal border-crossers are on the terrorist watchlist. -On the ground in Colony Ridge.

4 Things Every Texan NEEDS to Know about the Border Crisis

Number one: The numbers of illegal crossings are astronomical. Number two: The Texas Legislature failed to act Number three: Texas has magnets that attract illegal aliens Number four: Gov. Greg Abbott could stop it

Is John Fetterman RIGHT about China?

-Democrat U.S. Sen. John Fetterman says America needs to take back Chinese farmland. -Texas’ U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales votes with Democrats to keep military drag shows. -Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Yelp for discriminating against pregnancy resource centers.