Texas Minute
10.13.2023: Dade Phelan escalates his war against conservatives

Speaker Dade Phelan Bans GOP Lawmaker From Asking Questions…
Lawsuit Claims Biden Knew Taxpayer Dollars Were Funding Palestinian Terrorists…
Local Governments Load Billions in Bond Debt onto November Ballot…
House Chairman Signs on to Resolution Apologizing for Paxton Impeachment…


5.17.2024 Daniel Perry Pardoned

A&M Suspends Title IX Administrator… Official Data Shows Massive Spike in Known Gotaways Under Biden… Judge Orders Redo of Harris County Judicial Election… Gov. Abbott Pardons Sgt. Daniel Perry

5.16.2024: Texas Seeks to Stop Radical Biden Rule

Galveston Voting Rights Case Could Cost Texas Democrats Seats… Texas Asks Court to Halt Biden’s Title IX Rewrite… Lawsuit Challenges Texas Ethics Commission Targeting of Grassroots Organization… Biden Administration Attempts […]

5.15.2024: Senators Examine DEI in Universities

Katy ISD Teacher Arrested on 9 Counts of Possession of Child Pornography… Senate Education Hearing Focuses on Anti-Israel Protests & DEI Ban… Silver Bullet Bus Tour to Travel the State […]

5.14.2024: Cartel smugglers now driving into the river.

Smugglers Ditch Vehicles in Rio Grande… Frederick Frazier Falsely Claims His Criminal Charges Have Been Dismissed… School Administrators Delay Criminal Electioneering Cases… GOP Wants Court to Dismiss Democrat’s Election Contest…