Daily Headlines
Daily Headlines
10/19/23 The Two Lawmakers Responsible for Colony Ridge

-Attorney General Ken Paxton says legislation from Ernest Bailes and Robert Nichols is to blame for massive illegal alien housing development

-Is the Texas Legislature headed to a fourth special session?

-US Customs and Border Protection seizes $11 Million worth of illegal narcotics


4/12/24 Billions of Dollars in Debt on the Ballot

- Mansfield ISD puts billion dollar bond package on May ballot. - Attorney General Paxton urges expedited process in razor wire fencing lawsuit. - Allen ISD teacher accused of ‘inappropriate interactions’ with student.

4/11/24 NYC Blames Texas for Illegal Aliens

- The New York City Mayor continues to blame Texas amid an influx of illegal aliens. - Property Tax Relief and Higher Education Reform are among Patrick’s charges ahead of the next session. - Analysis: The city of Dallas currently has $6.9 Billion in debt.

4/10/24 Texas A&M Advances Race-Based Hiring

- New Investigation reveals Texas A&M’s role in a DEI program. - Klein ISD Teacher jailed for allegedly sex trafficking students with son. - Tarrant County Hospitals consider race and gender when contracting vendors.

4/9/24 Is ‘Guaranteed Income’ Unconstitutional?

- AG Ken Paxton Sues Harris County over Guaranteed Income program. - Anti-climb Fence Installed Near El Paso Following Border Rush. - Runoff Candidates add their names to the Contract with Texas.