Daily Headlines
Daily Headlines
10/19/23 The Two Lawmakers Responsible for Colony Ridge

-Attorney General Ken Paxton says legislation from Ernest Bailes and Robert Nichols is to blame for massive illegal alien housing development

-Is the Texas Legislature headed to a fourth special session?

-US Customs and Border Protection seizes $11 Million worth of illegal narcotics


11/30/23 The State of Texas SUES Pfizer

  – AG Ken Paxton leads lawsuit against the pharmaceutical giant – Texas A&M interim president believes in ‘white privilege’ – Llano County is ground zero for the fight to […]

11/29/23 Kyle Rittenhouse Fights the Media

  – Kyle Rittenhouse discusses his new book Acquitted – Sen. John Cornyn doubles down on his support for gun control – Ted Cruz is endorsing against anti-school choice Republicans […]

11/28/23 DEI Comes to Texas Schools

  – A central Texas school district hosts a DEI department. – Another school district leaves the controversial Texas Association of School Boards. – A liberal Republican announces retirement from […]

11/27/23 Back from Thanksgiving

  -What’s next for the Texas legislature? -A new investigative series exposes the Bush family influence in Gov. Greg Abbott’s office -Parents win as school district removes explicit books.