Daily Headlines
Daily Headlines
11/14/23 The Border Crisis Gets Worse

-New CBP numbers show just how bad the crisis is at the southern border

-Texas A&M University set to name a DEI proponent as their new president

-U.S. Pat Fallon says he will run for Texas Senate…then reverses course


12/6/23 Illegal Aliens Are Being Processed on Zoom?

  – The Biden administration has resorted to “virtually processing” illegals. – State Rep. Frederick Frazier pleads guilty in two criminal cases. – Donald Trump leads new polling in Texas.

12/5/2023 Special Session 4 is Done

  – Lawmakers leave priorities unaddressed as the special session ends – The House won’t release its impeachment costs – Two lawmakers call for investigation into antisemitic incident at a […]

12/4/23 Texas Democrats Side with Hamas

  – Texas Democrats are blasted for passing a resolution calling for a ceasefire. – Sheila Jackson Lee makes a major gaffe in her latest campaign ad. – Abbott continues […]